Start. Suck. Get Better!

A woman’s memoir of struggle, strength, and hard-truths.


Do you ever ask yourself “what the F am I doing?!” when you look at your life? Do you scroll through your news feed and see all your successful peers and friends crushing it in their lives and wonder why that’s not you? Are you trudging through parenting and your career feeling like you are alone in the struggle and just can’t get it together?

Desiree’s book Start. Suck. Get Better. proves to you you are NOT alone!

In this eye-opening and relatable journey about the struggles of lost identity and dreams, starting a business, growing a family, and dealing with the intense emotions and struggles that come from starting something new Desiree spills her guts about all the suck and how to get better through it all.

Desiree doesn’t hold back about the ugliness of growth. She shares her experiences and ways to get better to move forward to live a life of purpose, happiness, and accomplishment. Through sassy perspectives and some hard-hitting real talk, she will show you that starting and sucking is the BEST way to live the life you have always wanted while reassuring you that you are not alone in your hardships and pain. Because you are impossibly amazing.

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