I’m Desiree!

I am a creator, entrepreneur, and social media enthusiast here to help you grow your business with better content marketing.

I have had the privilege to speak marketing truth into solopreneurs, brands, and businesses so they can get the results they’ve always wanted. I never expected for my life to look this way, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Fun Facts:

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I'm Desiree!
Desiree Martinez

I didn’t get my Hogwarts letter so….

I wanted to be an animator for Disney or Pixar. This was actually a dream I had since 1995 when I saw Toy Story in theaters when I was 10. I worked towards that goal for 13 years, but some dreams aren’t meant to happen.

When faced with unemployment and dreading having to live with my parents any longer, I started to seek other opportunities through the power of networking. I kept getting asked “What is this Facebook thing I keep hearing about?” So I started teaching “adults” how to use Facebook to connect with friends & family and how they could use it for their business.

Then it happened. I caught the entrepreneurial bug and started my own social media marketing business. And what is crazier is I started making real money doing it!

My business grew like it had the Engorgio charm put on it and I became considered the go to person for social media marketing for small business owners wanting to establish themselves on social media.

In 2014 I became an Air Force Wife and mom and while I felt like every day I was living my best felix felicis day, I saw struggle in my military spouse community. Growing up a Marine Corp kid, I saw my mother struggle with getting steady work and 25 years later this was still a problem for military spouses.

Not one to just sit by and watch others struggle, I took action. And at the start of my third trimester with my daughter I launched All-In-One Social Media to help businesses grow with do-it-for-you social media services while putting military spouses to work as social media managers.

We have not only helped hundreds of small businesses grow through social media marketing, but also given dozens of military spouses a new skill and money to help contribute to their families anywhere they are stationed around the world.

Desiree Martinez
Desiree Martinez
In 2017, I launched my YouTube channel to help businesses grow with better social media and content marketing while also using each video to drive traffic to my business since I was now living in South Korea, unable to connect person-to-person any more.

Since then, I have had 100s of thousands of views, worked with some of the most amazing brands, spoken on stages all over the country, launched the Women of YouTube podcast, and have more coming.

Why do you care?

This means I have spent a lot of time, energy, and money to figure out what it takes to find success in business through content marketing.

You have read this far because you found something in my story that you could connect with and you wanted more. I want to show you how you can do that too – tell your story, give value, and convert the lead.

We can do this together!

And remember, You are Impossibly Amazing.

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