How to Build an Email List FAST and for FREE

We all know that money is in the lists, which is why you are here. I’m gonna tell you how you can grow your email list from nothing to almost 10k subscribers! 

The secret for any growth in business starts with a content plan. You can grab my free worksheet right here! It’s gonna guide you through this process.

Let’s get right into it!

Too good to be Free Offer!


This is something you can offer to people such as a checklist, worklist, e-book, etc. It just needs to be related to what you do and give valuable information to your audience. These offers benefit you and your subscribers. It gets people interested in what you have to offer and continue the conversation. 

It can be a super simple design or sheet! 

Landing Page 


The next thing you’re going to need is a landing page. ConvertKit is my go-to for managing all of my emails and landing pages. I’ve tried all of the platforms and ConvertKit is by far the most user-friendly and affordable. Click the link here to start using it for free. 

They have so many beautiful templates for your landing pages to get the information you need from your clients. 




Set it and forget it! Automation is your best friend when it comes to sending out your email list.


How to go from nothing to something 


You NEEEEEED to be using YouTube. If you’re not, seriously reconsider. I’ve built basically my entire business off of my YouTube videos. By showing up, giving value, and being yourself, you’ll be able to offer so much to anyone whose problems you’re able to solve. So, it’ll make complete sense for them to go download your freebie! Providing solutions also helps to build a relationship with your customers. 


Search-driven content 


Your goal is to show up on Google when people search a question related to your expertise. The more views you get and the more problems that you solve, the more people get into the stratosphere that is YOU. 


I love using search-driven content to get people for my email list. By using YouTube paired with the right keywords, you will be set up for success. 


Use your Website + Social Media 


Maybe you have a pop-up on your blog post or a landing page on your website. Your website is continuously working for you, so why not add this on?


Offer value through your messaging and recommend your freebie to solidify how you can help them. Repurpose your post to all your socials to make the most out of it! 


If you’re looking to learn more about bettering your business with video and content marketing, check out my other blog posts


Remember, you are impossibly amazing! 




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