How to Grow on Instagram in 2021

In this post, I’m gonna show you how you can grow your Instagram at lightning speed with one very simple to use strategy and tool to help you along the way.


Now, if you wanna have success on Instagram or any social network for that matter, you are going to need an effective content marketing plan. Which is why I have a free worksheet that you can grab down right here! It’s gonna guide you through this process.


How do I grow?


I am always trying to figure out the best way to help my customers, and of course, you guys who are out there on the YouTubes. One of the things I’m always trying to figure out & people always ask me is, how do I grow on Instagram? What is the right strategy and how am I gonna make this work? And of course, how do I do it quickly without losing all of my time?


Now as busy business owners, I respect your time really which is why I have the perfect solution for you and all of your Instagram growth needs. I would like to introduce you to a Dollar Eighty.


A Dollar Eighty


A Dollar Eighty is a Chrome extension that you add onto your browser that syncs up with your Instagram and allows for you to comment on other Instagram posts. A Dollar Eighty has come from the simple math that you should be giving your 2 cents on a minimum of 9 posts with 10 hashtags every single day. And that ultimately adds up to a $1.80.


With this tool, it definitely streamlines the process. Before you had to go onto your phone, it was really manual, it was really slow because you were using your thumbs and it’s a whole thing. But with this Chrome extension, you’re able to easily add in the hashtags that are the most relevant to you, so that you’re able to go in and comment on the posts that makes sense to you and those 10 hashtags, and you’re gonna be able to grow your engagement.


Does it really work…?


Now, I am always super skeptical when it comes to new tools and new methods and ways of doing things. But this has been a strategy that has been around for a few years and Gary Vee swears by it and a lot of other Instagram professionals and educators out there swear by it as well.


Before I present anything to you, I always check it myself and I was completely blown away by the results. I personally find it kind of slow and steady wins the race when it comes to Instagram but by adding in this strategy, I was able to increase my follower count by 4.5% in a matter of 30 days. While that might not sound like a lot to you, it was a lot to me because usually I’m in the like 1%, if I’m lucky range for monthly growth.


Additionally, my impressions went up 90% and my profile visits went up 125%. What this means is that my profile was seen interacted with and engaged with more over the course of the 30 days I was using the Dollar Eighty versus what we were doing before.


We’re always trying to drive traffic to our websites, where you can collect the data and people can learn more about our products and services. I had an increase of 180% on my website clicks from my profile.


Overall thoughts


If you have been on this channel before, you know that content creation is a big part of what I’m encouraging you to do. And I tend to show up every single day on Instagram with a new post. While I’m always trying different styles of posts and different ways to present things to you, studying the analytics and finding the right time, I still found that my content engagement increased a lot with the help of Dollar Eighty. Overall, it went up 13.5% and very specifically to stories, it went up 130%.


All right, now that you are sold on this tool and you wanna check it out, let’s head over to the computer where I’m gonna to show you how to get started.


Check out my video below for a visual:


Now you can check out a Dollar Eighty for free with my link that I have here.

Remember, you are impossibly amazing!



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