How to Use Hopin! Streamyard & Hopin

Hopin has acquired StreamYard! This was a super big, crazy announcement that happened on January 7th of 2021. In this post, I’m gonna explain to you what we know about this acquisition, what you need to know about Hopin, and how it’s going to work with StreamYard. 

StreamYard is one of the fastest-growing online live streaming tools that is out there. So, what is Hopin and why does this merger make sense? 




Well, Hopin is all about helping you make an online event kick butt. Whether you’re trying to do it entirely virtual, or you have an actual in-person event and you want to have a way for people to buy a ticket and join in on the experience, Hopin is going to allow for this to happen for you. 

What’s really great about Hopin is that you’re gonna be able to do so much more within this platform. It’s going to be incredibly easy to use and really fits in with the foundation of what StreamYard is, which is really easy-to-use live streaming.

To get started, first thing’s first is you’re gonna want to create an account. Once you’re in here you’re gonna select what is it that you do, like how are you going to be using Hopin. You can say I’m looking for events to attend, looking to host an event, or you want to do both.

I encourage you to do ‘I want to do both’.

In my video below, I go through an overview of the interface and give you a general idea of how everything works on the platform.   


Video Tutorial




I will do a much more detailed review of how to create a virtual event with Hopin in another video. I’m gonna be having more tutorials here on my blog and my YouTube channel that are gonna help you guide through everything to do with live streaming, content marketing, and more.



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