Video Topics Made Easy with this Amazing Tool!

Trying to figure out what videos to post can honestly be so frustrating. Sometimes I’m just stumped and need a little inspo. TubeSpanner is my FAV online tool for planning video topics. It generate relevant ideas from just a few pieces of information from you. Lemme show you how I do it!


  1. Log on to TubeSpanner 
  2. Go into the Toolbox on the top right
    • There are tons of tools but we’ll be using the Title Generator for this example!
  3. In Title generator – pick the category at the top that makes the most sense for your business. I almost always choose informative. 
  4. Enter your topic, desired outcome, and points in content 
  5. Go through the generated titles and if any of them inspire you, write them down!
    1. If you aren’t feelin’ any of them – it’s all good. You can hit ‘Respin’ at the bottom for even more ideas.
  6. Use your favorite titles to create content and boom! You’re done. 


If you like using tools like this, you will LOVE my YouTube channel. Planning video topics for your business doesn’t have to be overwhelming! You can also check out other posts on my blog with the same content. 

Remember, you are impossibly amazing!




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