9 Best Tools For Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is this perfect balance of creating engaging content and managing it to make sure it works effectively for you. My favorite tools that help me with management, engagement, creativity, and so much more.

Now everything in social media marketing starts with a solid content plan. Click here to download my free worksheet that will help you map out everything you need and make sure social media is working for you as much as possible. 

Now let’s get into the tools! 



The easiest way to get engagement is the use of social media. However, when you’re doing posting and scheduling from a desktop, you don’t have the same emoji keyboard. Emojipedia has every emoji you need that you can just copy and paste right into your posts. 



I’ve tried every single platform on the market – this always comes back to being the best. Sendible has amazing reporting, an easy interface, and the ability to collaborate with team members. I can also post on every single platform that I want on there, like YouTube and Pinterest. 

You can also see a calendar of every scheduled post. You can even schedule videos and gifs! 



I love using tenor for all of my gif needs. If you create a free Tenor account, you can make your very own GIFs and create your own library. 



Kapwing is my go-to social video tool. Not only am I able to edit videos and create closed captions, I can also create GIFs, memes, and so much more. They’re always loading in new features and ways to create. And the best part is it’s free!



TubeBuddy is your best friend on the journey of YouTube. It takes your videos and makes sure that they’re gonna work for you as best as possible. It helps find keywords for your title and description, compares to similar videos, and ensures that your video is categorized accordingly. 



Make sure your livestreams are kickin’ with Streamyard. You can use it for interviews, to answer questions, and so much more. This is a browser-based livestream tool that allows you to multitask while streaming. 

You can also add overlays, respond to comments, and more!


Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is my favorite website to create social graphics. There are countless pre-made templates to choose from or you can start from scratch. You can also add in your own branded fonts, colors and more that can be added into your account. 



I use rev.com to create closed captions for my videos. I’m also able to download the closed captions and use them as a base copy for the written version of my videos on my blog. 


It’s important to create blogs because a lot of people prefer to skim an article over watching a video to get the information they’re looking for. 



ConvertKit is hands-down the best email marketing tool out there. I’ve tested this time and time again over the next few years. I can create landing pages, lists, tags, and even send specific emails to specific segments of my email list. 


If you make some monumental error, you can even edit a link in emails that have already been sent!


I want to remind you to grab my content planning worksheet here to get started with social media marketing for 2021. You can also check out my YouTube video below for more on these tools and how I utilize them. 




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