Get Better Live Streaming Audio – Tips & Tricks

The one question I’m asked the most about on my Streamyard videos is audio.

People want to know how to play sounds from their computer that will show up in the Livestream easier. The idea is to use a third-party tool that allows for your computer to act as a microphone.


The Best Tools


I’m a Mac user and the tool I use is called Loopback. They offer a bunch of different sound settings and options for linking the microphone to your computer. I would recommend using Sunflower if you’re a PC user.




Extra Tips


Have you ever been on a Livestream that just has terrible audio!?

Streamyard has added a feature that allows you to adjust the sound settings for each individual guests.

I produce a podcast that usually has 4-5 guests who all have varying levels of audio. Having this option really allows me to have more control and is incredibly helpful. For a podcast, sound is everything!

Streamyard also now allows you to download simultaneous audio tracks separately. Streamyard is the only tool on the market that allows this to happen with a livestreaming software!

Using Streamyard for your next Livestream will guarantee a better experience.


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