How to Post Videos on IGTV

If you’re a visual learner, check out my YouTube video:



Ready to post to IGTV?!

If you’re uploading to IGTV on your desktop, you will have to post it through Creator Studio. 

Make your way over to Creator Studio for Instagram: 

  1. Click ‘Create Post’ and select IGTV
  2. Select the account you want to post to
  3. Upload your media 
  4. Select orientation
  5. Add title & description – you can add links in here that are clickable, unlike a regular Instagram feed post. 
  6. Don’t forget hashtags!
  7. Select a cover image – this must be a 9 x 16 aspect ratio. Creator Studio will generate thumbnails but I highly recommend creating your own to keep the cover image on brand and looking clean. 
  8. Select if you want the video featured on your feed
  9. Schedule or post it!


From your phone, you’ll want to get the IGTV app.

You can record right on the app, but I’ll be uploading a pre-recorded video. 

  1. Record video or select one from your camera roll
  2. Select a cover image – this is much easier on the IGTV app but you can still upload your own custom image! 
  3. Add title & description 
  4. Post! 





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