The Biggest Marketing Trends 2021

Every year, there are more and more exciting things for you to look into when it comes to marketing your business. As the world has changed so drastically due to COVID, what can we expect to be popular in 2021? Let’s dive in!


Digital Products


Because of COVID, everyone was forced to stop going out, but business owners still needed to make money. 

You’re going to see a lot more online services, memberships, affiliates, and more. These will help those business owners and brands to still earn a living and make money while also connecting with their customers. 

Adding in a good digital product to your repertoire of services will be really helpful for making money because we don’t know what’s going to happen in the outside world going forward. 


Video Marketing


One of my favorite things in all of marketing! Video marketing is only becoming more and more important. 2021 is going to bring us a lot of different kinds of video. 

I have four examples when it comes to video marketing that you should consider. 


1. Optimized and Evergreen Content


This content is found in search; it’s keyword based and it’s problem-solving. The vast majority of my YouTube videos are based on evergreen optimized content. I’m always trying to solve problems people in my industry are searching about. 


2. Live Streaming 


There is no better way to connect with your audience than with live streaming. It’s authentic, it’s real, and it’s happening right now. I encourage you to figure out how to live stream on a consistent basis and train your audience to know what to expect and that they can openly talk to you. 


3. Virtual Reality 


Virtual reality has been on the rise because it offers a new way to experience the digital world. Figure out how it can work for your business to connect with your audience in this exciting and unique way. 


4. Education 


Everyone’s trying to learn new things nowadays. The tutorial world exploded in 2020 and it’s not going anywhere next year. People are trying to figure out how to accomplish more than they ever did before. 

Whether it’s learning how to skateboard, play the violin, make different kinds of bread, or start an online business, everyone is turning to the internet. Solve those problems for your audience along the way. 


Vertical Video 


With the exploding popularity of TikTok and now Instagram reels, I think it’s safe to say that vertical video is about to have a MASSIVE takeover in 2021. It allows you to have micro-conversations with your audience in an interactive and fun way. 

We also now have shorts available on YouTube, that are 20-second vertical clips you can watch. 

Stories are quite literally on every single platform, too. 


Affiliate Marketing 


Affiliate marketing is essentially advocating for a product or service on your platform. You get a special link to refer to others and whenever someone makes a purchase through it, you make a percentage of that sale. 

Consider how you can use affiliate marketing to grow your business or to make a passive income as a part of your strategy. 


The Death of the Funnel 


The deal of the funnel may be a little dramatic – but what it means is that people are going to be less and less inclined to go through the slow, long, wordy, marketing funnel process that people put you through to try and buy products. 

I think people are going to lean more into the brand evangelists model. 

Brand evangelists are people like myself, who love a product or a service more than any other. They talk about it at a great length, because they think that you, their target customer, the people, the community that they’ve cultivated in, will really love it. 

Brand evangelism is an extension of affiliate marketing. It allows for people to build a web of customers versus a funnel. 

Figure out how you can work with the people who love your brand to create fresh, new content and grow your web of customers. 




We live in an incredibly digital world, now more than ever. Just because we’re on the internet, doesn’t mean that personalization needs to go away. We need to really be taking time as business owners to create customized messages for our customers. 

People want to feel connected in the digital world because we’ve been forced to disconnect from our social lives. Find a way to figure out how personalization can work with your brand and what you can offer in 2021. 





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