Your ULTIMATE MUST DO Content Marketing Strategy for 2021

Using the internet to grow your brand and stay relevant has never been more important. We are now living in a post-COVID world where being on the internet is going to be vital to your success going forward. 


This video is going to be your ultimate guide for everything you need to do for your content marketing going in 2021. 




The first thing you need to make sure of is having a very effective online product. 


Whatever industry you are in, you need to make sure that you have some sort of product that people can buy from you. This is going to act as an additional revenue stream that’s going to keep working for you, no matter what’s going on. 


Some examples are:

  • A digital solution
  • Online planner or checklist 


When you’re creating your digital product, you have to ask yourself:

  • What is it that I know about?
  • What is it that my business does that can solve people’s problems in a digital way?


Using myself as an example, I’m going to be launching a new online product that’s going to be live-streaming overlays and graphics. 


I know most of you are super busy with your businesses and trying to figure out how graphics work is too much. Therefore, I’m going to have a product to solve that problem for you. 


Ask yourself the same thing!


I will also be launching the One Video Club in 2021 to help businesses like you grow your business with better content marketing. One video a month will be the pillar of all your content.


Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is another simple way to get into making money online. You need to figure out what products, services, digital platforms, etc YOU love that are also popular in your industry. It’s a great way to make residual income. 




The foundation of all my content marketing starts right here on YouTube. It’s important to mention that you need to be doing YouTube to grow your business. 


You need to be using YouTube marketing effectively for your business to get found in search. By using search-based video, you’re gonna be able to get leads into your business because you’re solving problems that people are searching for on the internet. 


You also want to make sure that your videos have longevity, or in the internet’s terms that they are evergreen. This means that they will continue to be relevant and searched on the internet. 


Some of my YouTube videos that continue driving traffic are two and three years old!




Having an opt-in gives a way to connect with people in a way that you are in control of. 


Unfortunately, using the internet means you’re at the mercy of the systems, like Instagram’s or Google’s algorithm.


You’re relying on these third party tools to bring you traffic, but once people find you, you need to have a way to continue to talk with them – not hope that ehse algorithms and online services are going to magically keep presenting you to them. 


Therefore, by having an opt-in, you’ll be able to communicate via email on your terms. That way, they don’t miss anything that comes from you. Some examples of things you can share is new content, behind-the-scenes information, videos, and of course your new online products. 




Instagram is going to be the leading social network in 2021. Facebook is losing a lot of its luster and it’s becoming very hard to navigate. 


I find better connections and more engagement over Instagram, and it makes total sense. Instagram has done a complete revamp of their interface to make it more user-friendly and offer more to us as businesses and consumers. 


Between reels, live, guides, and shopping, I really have everything that I need. And let’s not forget the amazingness that is Instagram stories. 


Use brand evangelists 


A brand evangelist is not an influencer. They are the people that are your biggest raving fans about your product or service. 


Look at your existing customer base. Who are the people that are constantly coming in? Who are the people that love you the most? Who are the people that talk about you the most that also have a reach to your perfect customer? 


Those are the people you want to be your brand evangelists. 


You should look at who they’re talking to, what the demographics are, what their niche is. You also need to look at their reach. This is the percentage of people that see their content and convert into engagement or action. 


Finally, look at how many ways do they connect with their audience. 


Start live streaming! 


Live streaming allows you to be raw and real for your audience, allowing them to see you unfiltered, unscripted, and hopefully with a little bit of extra silliness and behind-the-scenes action of what you have going on with your brand. 


We are in an era where people want to know the companies they work with and connect with them directly, so make sure to add lives streaming into your marketing plan. 


If you’re looking for more social media marketing tips, check out my other blog posts or my YouTube channel. 


And remember…you are impossibly amazing. 



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