How to use Facebook Marketplace

Have you ever wondered how to use Facebook Marketplace?! This step-by-step tutorial will show you exactly how!

Go to to get started. 

Lets go over the interface:


  • Live shopping: buying products during a Facebook live
  • Notifications: activity about items you are buying/selling
  • Cart: your shopping cart
  • Your account: view the items you are interested in buying/selling
  • Your listings: items you have posted for sale 
  • Saved: reference items for later that you may want to buy
  • Purchased orders
  • Following
  • Commerce profile: your profile


You can also look at items by category. These are the same categories that you will put your for-sale items in. 


How to buy an item:

  1. Search for the item
  2. Filter if you want things shipped to you or local pickup only, item condition, price range, etc
  3. Message the seller. I almost always ask – is this item still available?

There’s no commitment with this!


How to sell an item:

  1. Click ‘create a new listing’
  2. Choose listing type 
  3. Add photos 
  4. Add title, item category, condition, brand, and tags  
  5. Set price
  6. Add a little description
  7. Add location
  8. Choose delivery method 
  9. List to smaller groups on Facebook  – these really help if you are planning to sell frequently. Look for words like, BST, swip swap, garage sales, or just enter in your city.
  10. Publish! 


If you want to edit the price after posting, it’ll show the markdown. You can also edit the posts, delete them, or mark as sold. 

I have a whole series of Facebook tips on my YouTube channel – click here! 



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