Basic Live Streaming Studio for ANY Business Owner [DIY & Gear]

Like most of us, I had to find a new way to work in this 2020 pandemic world. My house has been taken over by my family so I’ve actually converted a space in my parents house into my YouTube studio.

I wanted to show you how I set up a functioning space that looks and works really great, plus the gear I used along the way. 



Starting to Set Up

First things first, there’s a lot of stuff to deal with in this room. As my mom says, the piles of stuff are ‘projects…’, but in this situation, it actually really helps. The room I work in has vaulted ceilings, so having more stuff in the room helps to reduce echo. 

I started by moving my desk in order to have it up against the wall. Then, I set up my backdrop – one of my very first ‘home studio’ items. As a military spouse, I’m used to not leaving any holes in the walls. I use this super sturdy double-sided tape that’s basically a huge Command strip. 

Let’s talk Lighting 

Ring lights are probably your best bet for just starting out. You can put your webcam right on the light and change the angle depending on where you’re filming. The ring light offers constant lighting that you can rely on. 

I’m also setting up my office with LED panel lights. 

Something I absolutely hate about lights is having to turn them on every time. I love using smart plugs that connect to your Alexa or Google home and using voice commands to turn my lights on and off. Honestly, they’re a lifesaver. 


Your webcam is obviously a crucial part of I use an app on my Mac called Webcam settings to adjust zoom, pan in and out, etc and you can save your settings for future use as well. It’s so convenient because you can frame yourself exactly how you like while also sitting wherever you want in front of the camera. 

So after my computer is set up with the webcam and lights, I also have to figure out how to set up my camera for you guys on YouTube. It’s a totally different setup!

I’m planning on getting a bookshelf up in the corner with some decorations to add a little personality into the frame. 

The Importance of your Background 

Why does your background need to look good? Your backdrop says a lot about you and what you do as a creator. It’s an extension of who you are and it helps a lot with your personal branding. 

With my background, I keep this brick backdrop very simple. For the bookshelf, I try to add little things that are quirky to my personality and relevant to my brand. I also have some little fun things that just make me happy. 

Your background shouldn’t be too busy or distracting either. It should set the scene for your videos without taking the attention off of you!


The microphone I have is a blue yeti. Usually it’s on a stand but mine is on an arm to move around. I’ll probably be upgrading soon, but I really love this mic. The cover helps with the echo that happens in this room. 

To recap…

First things first, make sure you have good access to outlets, ethernet, and that you can keep the setup up. Make sure you have a good background that’s an extension of you and your brand without being too distracting. You also want to make sure that you look and sound your best with lighting, webcams and microphones. 

That’s really the basics of what you need to create an effective home studio and office. Having a dedicated space for creating is vital to your success. 

Now that you’re ready to go, check out my other posts & videos for all things live-streaming.



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