Why Effective Content Marketing Can Future Proof Your Income

Why Effective Content Marketing Can Future Proof Your Income 


If you want to future-proof your income, a solid content marketing strategy will allow for you to completely fall apart without your income suffering. My website and YouTube channel are dedicated to helping you learn how to grow your business with effective content marketing. 


It’s amazing what the Internet can do – can we just take a second to appreciate how great it is? When COVID hit, we all had the Internet to turn to. It keeps us connected and keeps us informed. 


Those of us who have already established a solid foundation of content marketing were able to thrive during quarantine. If you want to have this same security no matter what happens – a pandemic, personal emergency, death in the family, tragedy, mental illness struggles – effective content marketing can help you do that. 


Mending personal struggles while managing my online business 


Now, I can attest to this from my recent personal experiences. My current YouTube setup is actually in my old room in my parent’s house…the same room I moved back into when I lost my job in 2009. I had no idea how I was going to recover after losing my job at 23. Everything I had worked for since I was 10 years old was completely ruined. 


In this same room, I ended up building my own business. I built the foundation I have today with Pink Media and All in One Social Media to get me where I am today. 


Over the past few months, we’ve all been faced with finding new ways to adapt. We are going to become an internet dependent society. We’re going to be less trusting of people, we’re definitely going to wash our hands more, and I like to hope that we’ll adopt a culture where masks are just a part of our lives. Whether you choose to wear one or not, I think we’ll see them more and more as years go on. 


With these changes in our society also comes individual change and struggle. When the world entered into COVID, my husband had just received a diagnosis for PTSD. If I’m honest, it was a relief for us – it allowed us to put a name to his struggles and put us in a position to get him the help he needs. 


Trying to recover from mental health trauma is super difficult for anybody. Especially when you’re put into a situation that increases your anxiety, and throw in all the other outside forces. My husband and I moved his parents into our home to take care of them through COVID; our kids are home full time since school isn’t safe; we’re in a constant state of worry about contracting the virus and getting ourselves and our family sick. 


All of these things were on the heart and emotions of my husband and myself. Inevitably, this led to a lot of struggles in our marriage. We’re still together, of course – I’m not getting rid of this guy! We love each other unconditionally, but it still has been hard. 


I had to mentally and physically step away, which is why I work in the space I do now. After lots of analysis of what to do going forward, we had to figure out what we could do to stay mentally strong for each other. That way, we can be there for each other, our kids, our family, and the life that we want. 


This included making a simple yet big change which is that I’m working in my parents home. It’s actually right down the street from our new home, which was one of the positive changes that came from COVID. We were finally able to get a bigger house where we can comfortably live and call a place home. Growing up military kids, neither of us had that luxury. 


I share this story because I believe in being real, and storytelling is a big part of marketing. I’m not saying that my life is a marketing tool, but my journey is something to share. For one, I want you to know that if you are struggling, you’re not alone. Secondly, while we were going through these immense struggles, some days we couldn’t do anything at all. We were crying, fighting, maybe celebrating, whatever the situation was. Through all of it, though, my business still kept going. 


This was made possible by the smart decisions I made years ago that laid the foundation for effective content marketing. With the help of mentors and friends, I was able to get through all of my struggles – and now, my business has never been better. 


I get more leads than I could have hoped for; I’ve taken on some of the biggest contracts that are truly going to impact the world and change lives; I’ve been able to hire employees for the first time, which is such an honor that I get to help mold and shape future content creators. And it’s all because of effective content marketing. 


You can do it too!


So how are you going to future proof your income? First things first, you should subscribe to my channel. I’ll be showing up twice a week to help you guys out. You can also watch my other recent videos for more insight on video marketing. There are a ton of great tools and assets that are free to use. Check the description of my YouTube video for a bunch of free resources! 


I hope that you can find comfort in knowing you are not alone. I want you to have amazing success on the Internet, future proof your income and embrace what the internet can do for you as a brand, as a business, as a person. And I want to remind you that you are impossibly amazing… and I can’t wait to help you on your journey. 




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