From YouTube to Podcasting: How to Be Bingeable Everywhere, with Desiree Martinez of the Women of YouTube Podcast

Originally posted by Tracy Hazzard from Podcast Strategist for Brandcasters, Inc. on Medium.

Desiree Martinez is a long-time and award-winning social media creative content creator. She has worked with hundreds of businesses and brands to help them grow their business with better content marketing. As a YouTuber, Podcaster, speaker and business owner, Desiree has created a brand around her skills that proves one thing: bingeability has a formula if you are willing to put in the work.

YouTube and Podcasting are the same and different. If you’ve worked with both, you understand the unique challenges that go along with either one. What Desiree and I got to talk about was the similarities and how you can use what you know across platforms to build a brand that is totally bingeable.

Putting Women Front and Center

Desiree’s show, the Women of YouTube Podcast, is a platform she uses to get women creators in the YouTube space to share their stories, struggles, and tools of the trade to empower and inspire other women.

There is nothing better than having a meaningful conversation with a woman who is trying to make the world a better place.”

The Reality for Females

Trolls and harassment via comments and even private messages stops plenty of women from creating and releasing content on YouTube, just as I know it does in podcasting. While the men pushing out content have to deal with their own kind of flack, there is nobody going into their videos or episodes and expecting them to look a certain way or sound a certain way- and then attacking them when they don’t. Presence and representation is so important. People out there have to see different women with different ideals so acceptance becomes normal.

“Where are your kids? Who’s watching them? Your roots are showing. You’ve been wearing the same outfit more than once on your channel. While these are common things I hear, I do know that there is so much more good than anything. 1 in 6 kids wants to be a YouTuber now, whereas when I was growing up 1 in 6 kids wanted to be a rockstar or a famous actress. This is equivalent and I would much rather my kids be YouTubers than go to college because it’s a great place to be creative and grow and show off what you can do while solving people’s problems.”

Just Start + Use These Tips

We hear this advice from podcasters all the time- that in order to begin, you have to just go for it. Desiree offered up the same advice, along with some other expert-level tips on must-do’s for hosts:

  1. Tell your audience what to do. Give them one thing. We ask our listeners and our audiences to do too much. We want to complicate the process, when simplification should be our utmost goal. Each piece of content needs to have one specific purpose and one specific (very specific!) call to action. Use this to guide you as you create.
  2. 80% done is better than nothing. Whether you are starting out or a veteran, there are times that it can be difficult to push the content out. We want to keep it, look it over just one more time, double check the lighting, listen to the audio 57 times. When, in reality, the time you spend doing that is not serving you. There comes a point where you have to be okay with being human. It’s so much better to get it out there into the world rather than stressing and obsessing about everything being perfect.
  3. Have an escape plan. Take your listeners off-channel. Get them to your Facebook group, where you’re giving a different kind of value, use this secondary platform to engage with them on a deeper level, to ask questions and to get to know your audience even more. The more you know your audience, the more you can niche down and offer them exactly what they want and need from you. And of course, the more you simplify this, the better. Then you can lean into my videos on YouTube to ramp up your Facebook group for even greater conversions.

Timing Is Everything

The most bingeable hosts I know have one thing in common: they respect their listeners’ time. They only bring in guests that are relevant and add value, they only create and share content that is actionable and specific, and they are always in the mindset of showing up as what their audience needs.

“You absolutely have to respect your listeners’ time. Get to the point and keep it in perspective that it does mean something that they are there listening to your show.”

Going Global

Social media and online platforms have allowed us to build relationships online, with a very focused audience, while really getting your personality and your expertise out there. Both YouTube and podcasting allows us to make global connections while solving problems for people- and this is what I love about both. You can make your channel or show anything you want if you are willing to put in the work.

“YouTube is a great, fantastic bridge of solving problems while also building, connecting and relating to someone at the same time. You can see the different kinds of people that come to me based on how their comments are. I’ll get comments from people that will be like, “You talk too fast. You’ve got great information. I love what you have going on. Why are you talking still?” It’s the full gamut and you can tell that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, which is fine. It’s one of the things that’s like, “I can find my people, and more importantly, my people can find me.”

Binge Factor: While Desiree’s videos are always energetic and lively, it’s her step-by-step actionable content that keeps listeners and viewers coming back to binge. Direct content that is useful and spot on isn’t easy to find in the noise of the internet but she has this formula nailed and it’s definitely effective.

From Desiree Martinez, Founder of The Women of YouTube podcast and Author of Innovation From Desperation: The Unfiltered Failures & Success of an OG Social Media Marketer, tells us the best ways to:

1) Book Great Guests. Very niched Facebook groups.

2) Increase Listeners. Cross-promote and make it easy.

3) Produce in a Professional Way. Keep it simple.

4) Encourage Engagement. Tell your audience what to do.

5) Monetize. Paid partnerships that fit your show.

You can watch Tracy Hazzard’s full interview with Desiree Martinez below or listen to The Binge Factor on your favorite podcast player.



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