How To Go Live on Linkedin 2020 (Plus a CRAZY way to see if you have Linkedin Live!)

I have the craziest story for you about LinkedIn Live and how you can get it and how you might already have it and not even know. 

Do I have LinkedIn Live?

So I made this really cool video about how to hack the LinkedIn live system by doing LinkedIn events. I made a whole video and I put it up for the world to see. I emailed it to my list, all of the things. So I start getting these really weird comments on this video that are like, “I tried this step by step and it did not work.” And other people kept saying that over and over again. I was like, “Why isn’t this working?” So I actually went to one of the other LinkedIn accounts that I manage for a customer and I tested it out, and lo and behold, it didn’t work either. So then I head back to my personal LinkedIn account and I’m like, “Do I have LinkedIn Live “and I had no idea?” So, what I did is I went to StreamYard, my favorite live streaming tool, and I checked it out and you know what? I totally had LinkedIn Live! I have applied like, for forever. For months, months, and months. I had to wait like 18 months to get this. And I never knew. I never got a notification. I never got an email, nothing. So, I have LinkedIn Live this whole time. So you might have LinkedIn Love and not even know it. 

In fact, I had other people test this out and at least three people on my email list were like, “Well, darn it. “I have LinkedIn live and I didn’t know what either.” So my first thing for you, in trying to figure out how to get LinkedIn Live is you might already have it. So go check if you’ve applied. 

My second tip for you is, you’re going to want to use StreamYard to do this. It’s important to note before we dive into this, and in order for you to actually go live on LinkedIn, you have to use a third-party tool. There is no way to natively go live on LinkedIn at the time of this post. So the first thing we want to do is sign into LinkedIn, ’cause we’re going to need to connect our LinkedIn to StreamYard. 

How to use LinkedIn Live

Once we’re logged in, let’s head over to StreamYard and we’re going to go to destinations and we’re going to hit “Add Destination”. Now again, you will see these options, whether you have LinkedIn Live or not, but since I do what you’re going to do is go in and click LinkedIn profile and it’s going to be like “LinkedIn Live “is only available for a limited group of organizers “and you need to make sure you’ve applied.” Well again, I know I have it. So I’m gonna connect to LinkedIn. 

I’m going to choose my profile because I’m logged into LinkedIn. And you will see it under destinations. So all I have to do is go live like I always do with StreamYard and I will just select LinkedIn… and I will create this broadcast. Of course, make sure you have your mic and your camera all set up, put in your name, all that good stuff, and enter the broadcast studio. And then just like anything else, all right, you’re going to hit, “Go Live”. Now, are you ready to go live? And I’m going to hit go live. And this is where you’re going to find out if you actually have LinkedIn live, which as you can see, I totally do!

Did my thing. I can do all of my normal stuff like I do every other broadcast, adding in my icons, adding in my graphics, all of the good stuff. Right? And then once I’m done, I just hit end broadcast.

So this is how you can check to see if you have LinkedIn Live and of course, go live, in general, using StreamYard again. You have to have a third party tool like StreamYard in order to go live on LinkedIn. This was such a crazy story and a crazy experience, but I am just so happy to be able to connect with my LinkedIn community through live streaming. And I hope that you find great value in this as well. 

Until next time, I’ll see you soon.




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