How to Streamyard: Using Streamyard Record Only Feature AND How To Go Live Later With Recording

There are so many great features available on Streamyard for all of your live streaming needs. But one of the features that a lot of people overlook is the record only feature on Streamyard. In this post, I’m going to break it down for you. Why you want to use the record only feature, how you use the record only feature, and how you can go live after you have prerecorded your video.

Why Use the Recording Feature

So why would you want to use the record only feature on a live streaming tool? Well, a lot of people had requested this from Streamyard when they were going through their initial setup and creation of the tool. To figure out how people were using it, I turned to the streamer community over on Facebook and asked how are they using it for the record only? And the answers I got back were so great. I had to share them with you here.

Use Recording For Testing

The most popular reason was for testing. One of the things that’s so uncertain about live-streaming is, is this going to work right? Is my new tech going to work? Is my internet going to work? And so many different things. So by testing out the record only, you can not only go through your live-stream as a demo, but you’re also going to be able to then play it back for yourself, like in a movie file or something and see what went wrong, what was working, what wasn’t and all that good stuff. That’s why Streamyard is so powerful; it’s not only setting you up for successful live-stream but also giving you ways for you to test it as well.

Use Recording for Presentations

A lot of people also like to use Streamyard for recording presentations, tutorials courses, all of those educational based things, because of one really cool feature: you can have your information on the screen, as well as your face on the side because Streamyard allows you to have different ways to layout who is on the screen and what it looks like, whether your face is big, your presentation is small or vice versa, or just the presentation or just your face. There are so many different ways that you can use the layout in Streamyard. It’s going to make it really fun and interactive for you to have a next-level presentation for whatever you’re trying to do.

Why Pre-Recording is so Versatile

Now, oftentimes when we are live-streaming, we don’t always have the option to go live. Maybe we have an interview that we really want to do, and the person just can’t make themselves available or maybe you’re going to have really spotty internet, or maybe you’re going on vacation and you just want to have the option to go live at a different time. Well, if you use the record only feature, you can sell all of the benefits and features that are available to you from stream yard. And then you can just kind of go live later. A lot of people also like using the record only tool for the podcast recording. Again, you can have guests on, you can do things on the screen, all of that really great stuff, or maybe you’re going to edit it later. So if you know that you’re gonna flub up or something happens like the dog barks, if you’ve got kids around, but you really have to get something recorded, record only allows for you to record those videos in a fun, interactive way. Again, using those Streamyard features that aren’t available to you when you’re just putting up a camera and hitting record.

How to Record with Streamyard

Okay, so when we’re getting started we’re going to go to Streamyard and click create a broadcast. You have all of the different destinations that you’ve created, but we want to skip the destinations and click record only. This is where we’re going to put in what we’re going to do. So, I have a presentation that I need to record for a podcast summit that I’m participating in. So I’m going to enter my broadcast and I also want to add in my presentation. So what I’m going to do at the bottom is hit screen share, and I’m going to pick the tab I want to be able to show on the screen. It will automatically pop me over to the place I want to screen share from, and I don’t want to do that. So I’m going to click back onto Streamyard. I’m going to add myself to this stream. And once you are here you can change the layout, make yourself bigger or smaller, make the presentation bigger or smaller, have just yourself or just the presentation. I can change out my branding to match what I am doing. Let’s say I’ve done my full presentation. I’ve played with all the things, added all of my overlays and I hit end broadcast. Now what I need to do is download the recording. So I hit links and I download my recording and I can do my recording only, or my audio-only, I’m going to do the recording and then it’s just going to download it. Streamyard saves your recordings for up to 15 days, I recommend downloading them once they are done so that you have them natively on your computer. And as you can see, to make computers. So, here’s my video that I did with my live-stream.

What to do with Your Recorded Video

So now that you have recorded your video and it’s all set to go, you want to go live with that video, but you can’t because it’s prerecorded. So how do you do that? Well, that’s where today’s sponsor Live Pigeon comes in. Live Pigeon allows for you to live-stream your prerecorded content, to Facebook and YouTube So incredibly easy. I literally use this tool all of the time with my prerecorded videos. All you have to do is take your prerecorded video from Streamyard, upload it back to Streamyard, set the time that you want to go and boom, it goes live. The reason this is going to be really beneficial for you versus uploading this regular video or doing a premiere on YouTube is that the YouTube and the Facebook algorithms give special treatment to live-streams. When it goes live, you can still be actively participating in the chat, earning your super chats, and your stickers, all of the membership benefits, and all of that goes up with your live-stream. That’s why being able to record only with Streamyard, but using Live Pigeon to actually live-stream, it is going to be such an amazing pattern. And till next time. I’ll see you soon.



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