How To Monetize Videos On Facebook Page // Understanding Facebook Monetization

I was recently asked in my YouTube comments, how do I monetize my channel on Facebook? What does that look like? So in this post, I’m going to break down for you what Facebook monetization looks like for your videos.


How to Monetize Your Facebook Page

If you’re looking to monetize your Facebook channel, you’re going to want to get started with a really good content strategy because a content strategy is the foundation for everything that you’re going to do on social media and really for marketing in general. There are three ways for you to monetize your content on Facebook. The first way is Facebook subscriptions. Second is going to be with in-stream ads and the third is going to be with brand collaboration. So let’s dive into each one of these, so you know what they are and what the requirements are for you to qualify for them with Facebook.

Facebook Fan Subscriptions

All right, with fan subscriptions, this is where you can do a monthly recurring subscription with your followers to give them extra added value. This could be extra training, extra digital services, one on one consultations. Whatever it is that you want to charge people on a monthly basis, you can do this with Facebook fan subscription. So in order to qualify for fan subscriptions, the first thing is you have to have 10,000 people that follow your page, and you’re going to need one of these two things. You’re going to need 5000 post engagements over the course of 60 days, or you’re gonna need 180 views on your videos, again, in the course of 60 days. These are the measurements that Facebook has so that they know exactly like how engaged people are going to be when it’s really worth it for them to offer this to you and really even if to be worth your time. They want to make sure that you have a really good audience in place that’s engaging with you before you offer something like this.

Brand Collaborations

Next, let’s talk about brand collaborations. Brand collaborations allow for other brands to find you and use your followers to promote their products or service. You would post as yourself promoting their product or service. You can do this with things like products, merchandise, all kinds of stuff. So once your qualified, brands can reach out to you and offer you money in exchange for postings. People are still iffy on whether this is a good thing or not. It allows for brands to connect with people in a new trusted way because Facebook is acting as the hub, and there’s a whole qualification process, but oftentimes people feel that they’re not getting offered enough money for what it’s worth, especially because Facebook is taking such a big percentage of these posts. That’s why a lot of people choose to do this themselves, but you might not be able to have access to brands any other way, so it’s still worth opening up for your page. So how do you qualify? In order to qualify, you have to have a minimum of 1000 followers. That’s their measurement for getting started with this, and then they want you to have 15,000 engagements in 60 days, or they want you to have 180,000 views on your videos over the course of 60 days, or they want 30,000 one minute views on your three or longer minute videos. I know it’s kind of a tongue twister but stick with me here.

In-Stream Ads

The next one that we’re going to talk about is the most popular and the most lucrative, this is going to be in-stream ads. Have you ever been watching a Facebook video and at that 60-second mark, an ad pops up, and it’s usually 10 to 15 seconds promoting something like a product or a service or something local to your area? Well, these are called in-stream ads, and this is how a lot of video creators have found financial success on Facebook. So in order to qualify for in-stream ads, you have to have a minimum of 10,000 followers and 30,000 one minute views on your videos that are over three minutes long. This is why I emphasize a lot in this channel that you should be making long-form videos on Facebook that are a minimum of three minutes long because eventually, you’re going to qualify for in-stream ads which are a great way for you to make residual income.

Live Stream Videos

So I know what things that you’re probably already asking me, “Well Desiree what about live stream videos?” In order to qualify for your live streams to get ads, you need to have a minimum of 2000 followers and your live stream needs to get 300 concurrent views at one time. So how this means is one you have 2000 followers, and over 300 people are watching your live stream at one point, but what’s really cool is that once you meet this qualification, literally while you’re live streaming, you’ll get a little pop up on Facebook saying this qualifies for an ad break, and you can take it to make ad revenue from your live stream. What’s kind of neat about this is it has a lower threshold for followers, but a higher view count during that live stream. A lot of people will get their views for their live streams afterward. So this is a good thing for you to work towards on your live streams.

Checking Your Qualifications

Now I’m going show you how you can check to see if your Facebook page qualifies for any of these monetization features. To get started, you’re going to go to, where you’re going to have all of your Facebook pages and what’s going on in here. You’re going to go down to the left-hand side to monetization and you’re going to see what you are eligible for based on the page that you have selected. You’re going to choose the page that you want to see which one qualifies for. You can select multiple ones, but in this case, I’m just going to select my business one just so we can see what you qualify for. I actually currently don’t qualify for anything with this Facebook page, but I can view my eligibility here, and it’s going to tell me what I need to do. So just go down and select the page I want to check on and I can see where I am in qualifying. So I can see with my criteria for in-stream ads, I only have 8% of the followers that I need, and I only have a certain number of minutes watched on my videos to qualify. Same for like branded content, I can see I almost have as many followers as necessary, but I need to get more engagement, minutes viewed, and three-minute videos. So this is how you can see where you’re at so you can check your progress. Until next time, I’ll see you soon.



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