Why You Should Go Live On YouTube Premier vs Live – Which Should You Do

I love YouTube! I think it’s a great way to connect with people, solve problems, and be entertained on a regular basis. But, as a YouTube creator, I run into a lot of questions that I’m asking myself. Things like, “Should I be using Premiere?” “Should I just be pre-recording stuff?” “What am I supposed to be doing with this whole live-streaming thing?” And let’s not even go into how analytics are just a whole mess to try and figure out. It definitely takes a lot of work. But in this post, I really want to dive into, why you should be live-streaming versus using Premiere or even just posting out pre-recorded videos.


Let’s Dive into Live Pigeon

Now, recently I was introduced to this really wonderful, awesome, amazing, tool called, LIVE pigeon. You’re going to want to use LIVE pigeon because it’s going to let you live-stream, pre-recorded videos to your YouTube Channel. Can we just take a minute to let that marinate about how awesome that actually is? Oh, you don’t know why? Okay, so let’s dive into this. So I’ve been getting asked a lot, why should I live-stream these pre-recorded videos versus just doing a Premiere? Well, the thing is, is that YouTube does things in their own unique way. And every feature has a special way of putting things out into the Universe. So, with the Premiere feature, it allows you to take your pre-recorded, beautifully put together video content and watch it with your audience. You can schedule this out. You get this little like video schedule thing that goes up on your YouTube interface and you’re able to see like, “Hey, this person has a video coming out at this time!” And you guys can watch it together. And just like a live-stream, you have a chat that happens at the same time. There are a lot of really great benefits like you can get Super Chats and you can do your Memberships, and all of that great stuff for additional revenue options, when it comes to YouTube. However, the Premiere feature notification system is kind of limiting, in my opinion. 30 minutes prior to your video going live through the Premiere, and when it actually goes live through the Premiere, YouTube pushes the notification to your bell subscribers that this video is happening, and hopefully, it pulls them in to watch with you. And then you can have the chat and watch the video together. This is a really nice idea, but if you want to increase people watching your video when it happens, you’re going to want to do it as a live-stream.

Live Stream on Youtube

Live-stream on YouTube is very similar to Premiere. You can schedule it out, you put the notifications up, you can fill in your titles and your thumbnails, and all of the things. But the promotional system is very different for live-streams versus Premieres. So not only are you going to get the usual bell notifications and all that kinda jazz that come with new videos going up. So when your video is live, you’re more likely to get people who have never been apart of your YouTube journey or who have subscribed to you, maybe haven’t visited your channel in a while, and they’re gonna be like, “Oh, yeah, I’m gonna go watch that video, because that looks really interesting.” I personally have seen a gigantic increase in my initial views and my day one views by doing pre-recorded live videos versus using Premiere, which I was also using very adamantly as well. So with live-stream, we’re going to be able to schedule those pre-recorded live videos so that you can do all of the same things that Premiere, but get the benefit that YouTube has for you with Live. Now, if you just wanna live-stream, go for it, go nuts. In fact, I would encourage you to use a third-party tool, like StreamYard, which allows you to go live, interact, engage, answer questions, and go for long amounts of time to your heart’s desire. But, if you have a channel kinda like mine, where you’re resource-driven and you put a lot of time and energy and research into what you’re going to do to share and connect with your audience, especially when it comes to respecting their time, definitely check out LIVE pigeon. And until next time, I’ll see you soon.



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