How To Live Stream Recorded Video SUPER EASY!!

Something I get asked all the time is how do I Livestream my prerecorded content. Well up until now, there was not an easy way to do it, but in this post, I’m gonna show you how you can do it so easy you’re never gonna want to Livestream any other way ever again.

Now if you aren’t new to my posts, you might know that I produce two videos every single week on YouTube, and sometimes I will premier them with the YouTube feature or then later share them on Facebook and LinkedIn and other places. But it would be so much easier for me if I were able to just create one video that I put so much of my heart and soul and work into if I could just Livestream it to all the places I need it to in one go and that’s why Live Pigeon is so genius. Live Pigeon is actually the sponsor for this post because they just literally solve all of my live streaming problems. Live Pigeon makes it so easy for you to take the prerecorded video that you put your heart and soul and research and all of your mad crazy skills into, and lets you make it into a live stream versus just posting it up and hoping for the best on social networks.

Why Should I Live-Stream?

There are so many more advantages to live-streaming your videos than just putting them up. When you live stream to Facebook or to YouTube, more people get notified that that video is ready to be viewed by the people. You get those little notifications in the upper right-hand corner on Facebook and on YouTube that say hey, so and so is going live right now, you totally need to go over to what they’re doing and see what they’re saying and what’s happening. And rather than you just waiting around for people to show up or being like doo doo doo doo doo, well I guess I’ll just say some things and do some stuff and la la la la la la and just not hold anyone’s attention, you can use the really nice, awesome, video that you put together to be what’s being shown to all of the people on the internet.

How Do I Use Live Pigeon?

So once you’ve created your account, you’re going to need to connect your Facebook and YouTube account to Live Pigeon. This is going to allow for Live Pigeon to post that prerecorded video as a live stream to Facebook and to YouTube. So all you’re going to do is hit sign in with Facebook and it’s just going to go through the normal things that you have to do whenever you’re syncing up any third-party tool. Just like all of the third-party tools, Live Pigeon is going to ask for things as can we post on your behalf on your timeline and things like that. The only reason they’re asking to do that is that they essentially need to post as you to the platform. So they are going to have to post as you, but know that they’re not going to do it without your consent or with content that isn’t yours. So be aware of that when you’re going through your terms of service.

I like to make my videos public because again I’m live streaming, I want to make sure it’s going to reach as many people as possible from my Facebook page and also from my personal profile if I decide to do that. We need to sign in to YouTube and once you’ve connected Facebook and YouTube you can either go live now or schedule it. For the case with this video, I want to actually go live now because I have a video from last week that I want to post up on my Facebook page to share with my audience. So I’m going to choose to go live now to Facebook specifically. But know you can do Facebook and YouTube at the same time.

How To Live-Stream

Okay, so let’s work through everything that we have here step by step.

  1. Let’s pick where we want it to go. We want it to be public, we want it to make sure that people can see where it’s going. And you also want to make sure you check ‘not made for kids’ if you’re posting to YouTube.
  2. You’re going to create your video title.
  3. You’re going to want to make sure you have your description filled out. Remember with your description, this is going to be displayed on Facebook just like you would a message. You want to make sure that you have a really solid call to action in the header.
  4. Next, we need to tell it where we want it to go on Facebook. So the first place is my Facebook business page. I can do my personal profile at the same time. And I can post to a group as well if that is something that I want to do to help promote my video and add more content to a Facebook group that I’m an admin of. However, if you do go live in a group, you have to make sure that Live Pigeon is authorized to be a third party app in your settings.
  5. Okay, now I need to actually put the video in easiest way is to just drag and drop. And then it’s just going to upload.
  6. Now that the video has uploaded and processed, because I didn’t schedule it, it just goes up onto social media.

So I just had to take my prerecorded video, upload it to Live Pigeon, select where I wanted it to go, put a title and description in, and once it uploaded and processed, boom it was done. You can also schedule this out. I believe so much in this tool and the power of going live on a channel, to be so powerful for creators and sharing and promoting your content. You’re definitely going to want to check out Live Pigeon to go live with your prerecorded videos. Again, going live is a great way to let everyone know that as a part of your followers or for your YouTube followers and subscribers, that you are going live. It works so much better than doing a premier or trying a watch party or scheduling it to go up like a post. Try using Live Pigeon as a way to get more engagement and more notification to your brand for your followers. This is going to be great, I promise you. And until next time.



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