Create Gary Vee Style Videos For Social Media // What To Do and HOW to Do It!

There is no denying that Gary Vee is prolifically using social media to grow his brand. Sometimes you go on all these different social networks like Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and LinkedIn. And he is just there creating totally unique content for each platform. And it can be really overwhelming for those of us that are trying to figure out just how to create one video that does one thing. Stay tuned to find out ’cause in this video we’re gonna break it down for you. So it’s gonna be super easy for you to do.

Create Like Gary Vee

Gary Vee’s strategy is so prolific and he is constantly creating new content for all of us to consume. So how are you, a normal business owner, supposed to really create content as much as Gary in the way that he does? Now I was fortunate enough to get to meet Gary Vee back in 2013. When I was like some odd weeks pregnant and I got his new book “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.” And it really kind of transformed how I was doing with social media and how I looked at things. I really entered into a world of time to solve people’s problems. And that’s exactly what I preach here on this channel like Gary does all the time. Show up for people and solve their problems. Well, I’m about to solve a really big problem for you. Which is how can you easily create videos as frequently as Gary?

Work Smarter Not Harder

And with that, we’re going to also include today’s sponsor for this post, Kapwing, which is my go-to website and resource for creating all of my social videos for my business and also for my clients. Kapwing is fantastic for resizing videos, adding closed captions, doing progress bars. Just making your videos look really awesome for social media. Super, super easy. So in this post, we’re gonna dissect three things that Gary Vee is doing so that you can apply this strategy to your business. One, we’re gonna go over how he creates his content. What you can learn from it and how you can do it with a little help from Kapwing.

How Gary Creates

One of the things that’s incredibly unique about Gary is that he is always recording video. He actually has people that follow him around on a constant basis filming him when we’re not in COVID. And even through COVID, he has taken to doing his “Tea With GaryVee” where he is live streaming on a regular basis. To create content to talk to people who are part of his fan base he can help. But this can be really hard for you. Especially because like I said, you’re probably a normal person who is busy working in their business. No one is expecting you to be Gary Vee. It would be really awesome if you have someone that can film you. Or maybe if you have a special occasion or an event that you’re doing. You could probably have someone come in and film for you. But for the most part, it’s going to probably be a little bit harder for you to create as much content as Gary does. So how can you do this?

Record Everything

Well, the first thing I’m going to advise you to do is do consider recording every meeting that you have. That’s right. Get on to Zoom, do a live stream, and talk to your potential customers and your current customers. You never know when that little stroke, that line, that little 30 seconds to a minute piece of genius is gonna come out of your mouth. So why not be ready when it does? Because I can’t tell you how many times I’m having a conversation with somebody I’m like, “Aw man, that was really good, I wish I had recorded that.” We live in a world where live streaming and Zoom are just kind of the new normal. So no one is going anything to bat an eye at you recording or using this footage over again for your social media content. So really take that cue of Gary recording everything that he’s doing and find a way to do that for yourself as well.

What do people keep asking you?

My second tip for you when you’re trying to record a video is really sit down and look at what are the things that people keep asking you questions about? Are you getting these emails, maybe a text message? Or are you fortunate enough to be getting these questions on social media or on your YouTube videos? Take these questions, sit down with your camera just like I’m doing with you right here. And just have a conversation with the camera or aka Bob to solve his problem. By solving other people’s problems it’s going to come across as so genuine and so real. And this is a no SEO moment. The reason this is a no SEO moment is that it’s not about getting found in search and doing all the stuff. It’s about connecting with people by solving their actual problems. These sort of videos are going to allow you to really connect with people and have that emotional bond that you are hoping to get. That comes from answering questions from your customers. Not everything is about being found in search. Sometimes it’s about helping people with their actual problems right then and there. And I might add, this is something that Gary does all of the time. So if we’re here to be like Gary, this is how you do it.

Get the Look

Now let’s dissect the physical look of a Gary Vee video and why it is successful. The video I reference has three main parts. We have our text and title at the bottom. We have the actual video in the middle. And at the bottom, we have the closed captions. This is so simple and so important that it’s almost ridiculous that more of us don’t do this. By having the title at the top people know exactly what this video is going to be about. Or get them thinking and provoking like, “Oh yeah, this is something that I really need to pay attention to.” And then in the middle is the meat. That’s the good stuff. That’s where people are seeing Gary and this person interact. This isn’t probably just going to be a talking head this is probably going to be a conversation with somebody else based on the footage that they have. Maybe he’s spoken at a big event and so it’s like conference footage. Or he’s been doing a lot of older videos as well. Like bringing them back because they’re still having those nuggets of gold. So you can use whatever the video’s about in this middle part. And at the bottom, we have the closed captions. Closed captions are so vital to success on social media when it comes to video. Because 84% of people are watching videos without sound. That is right so many people are watching your videos and if they can’t read what’s happening, what you’re saying, they’re going to peace out. Adding closed captions is vital to your success on social media. And I have a very simple way for you to do that with Kapwing. And again, for free. ‘Cause Kapwing is free!

Let’s Get Creating!

Now I’m going to show you how to create videos just like Gary Vee does. Kapwing is my go-to tool like I said before, for creating all the social video that I do for my business. As well as for the other brands that I help work with. So I have a video that I created previously that I’m building that promotional content for. So I’ve picked a clip that’s and I have applied the Gary Vee signature things along with one bonus thing. So at the top I have a title. What this video is going to kind of be about, get them hooked in. I have my main content in the beginning, which is only 31 seconds. Which is perfect for Instagram. I put a little watermark on just for my self. And then I have the closed captions at the bottom. Which I have generated in Kapwing. I also added a progress bar. A lot of older Gary Vee content had the progress bar. I find it to be very successful for my Instagram content so I’ve added it to mine as well. If you’re wanting to do any of the things I’ve shown you how to do on Kapwing I have additional posts you can find here on my site that break down how to do these different things. So now that I have this video what I need to do is create a version of it for every social platform. So that means I need to create a square, a story, and a news feed size image. So how I’m going to do this is  I’m going to just go back to My Workspace. And in My Workspace, I have actually already created two of the ones that I need. I have my story, and I have my square. So what I’m going to do is click the three buttons for more options. And I’m going to hit Make a copy. It’s going to create a copy and bring it into the new template that I have going on right now. So because I already have the square and the story I’m going to need to create something for the news feed, news feeds are like for Twitter, for LinkedIn and for Facebook. So what I’m actually going to select is the five by four template. It makes it a little bit wider and a little bit better. Another option might be the 16 by 19. But this kind of makes it longer and takes up less of the screen when you’re on mobile. So the five by four I find to be a much better asset. I need to make some adjustments to this. So that I can make this work. First thing’s first that I notice. I need to adjust my thumbnail and my icon. Okay. I have my line, my line is perfect where is and I have my subtitles. Now I’m noticing my subtitles are a little out of place. So what I’m going to do is select the video. I’m going to make this video a little bit smaller. So It doesn’t take up quite as much room. I’m going to move my progress bar to just under the video. And then I need to see if the two lines are. So what I need to do is go into my subtitles and move them down a little. Or maybe make them a little smaller. ‘Kay I’m going to hit Done. So now I want to see where are my closed captions are falling. They’re falling within the lines, it’s what I need. All right so this works for me. I think that this is going to be good. I can fine-tune I think a little. Just for a little bit more room. Again what I like about Kapwing is I can use my arrows to move things around. Okay, and I’m gonna go back to My Workspace. Okay, I have my story and my square. I’m going to label this one News Feed. So now that I’ve created the three different formats that I need for my content calendar. Now all you have to do is download them natively to your computer. And you’ll be able to put them into whatever content management software that you’re using. Knowing that each one of these videos is formatted for the platform at the correct size. It’s no secret that video’s important. Gary Vee is definitely crushing it. And until next time, I’ll see you soon.



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