Locked Myself in an Airbnb and Wrote a Book!

So here’s the deal I’m writing a book

I’m writing a book about the last 10 years of being a social media marketer! All the moments leading up to when I started my agency in 2010 to where we are now currently in the world and I was trying to figure out how to focus and get this done and make sure that my purpose is really clear throughout the whole process. So I decided to take you with me as I did a hardcore two day focus on writing this book.

But first, coffee!

First things first… coffee. So we’re in the middle of a pandemic and I needed a place that I could write this book so I rented an Airbnb. Let’s roll back the tape here, I’ve had this idea for this book since November, since Thanksgiving actually. I was talking with my husband about it while we were driving to do family Thanksgiving in Colorado and it just hit me, like, we gotta do this book. This book is the lessons that I have learned over the last 10 years of social media marketing and what you can learn from them. I wrote it with the mindset that anybody can take these lessons and apply them to their business right now and go on this journey with me while also learning about what you can do along the way. Home.

Cleaning and focusing

Since we’re in a pandemic everything’s getting sprayed down and wiped off. The reason I had to go to the Airbnb versus working at home is because there are five other people living in my house; my husband, my two kids, and my two in-laws who we brought in to stay with us through this pandemic just because of all the craziness. They’re older and that’s what you do, you take care of your family, but they’re just a lot and it’s a small house because it’s our house that we’re using to transition into our forever home. It’s noisy and it’s hard and my kids have 100% reached their limit on all of this because they’re sick of being inside. They hate that they can’t go see friends or do anything or go to school, there’s so much anxiety; there’s just so much struggle and frustration. I had put my payment in to my editor and my deposit, he’s like okay I need you to get me as many of your pages by May 4th well this whole series of events happened on April 29th and it literally occurred to me over the weekend that I don’t have enough pages! I have maybe like 40% done, maybe. I had been writing it slowly over the past couple months and I was NOT far enough along. I needed to focus so I reached out to my client and friend Brookes and I was like “hey, I know you have your bnb’s in Phoenix any of them empty so that I can step in and do this?” He’s said absolutely go use this place, total savior! But I knew I needed extra motivation, the novelty of getting to be out of my house and away from the noise and the kids was going to wear off real quick and I had get motivated. So I asked friends of mine to write me letters and I had them send them to my husband. I told my husband print them and put them in envelopes and label when I can open them. I’m so thankful to have the friends and support that I do. It’s one thing to have your ride or die friends, everyone needs them, and it’s even better when your ride or die’s can also be people who you can work with, like entrepreneur ride or die friends. So many of my friends that are awesome and wonderful don’t understand my world because they’re not in it. They are mothers, one of my best friends was a banker turned mom, one of my other friends she was a social worker turned mom and they get it, they understand the work but they’re not in this entrepreneur, own your own business life, while also being a mom and being a wife and dealing with all things that go there. so I was really excited to read these and let them pump me up and guide me through this crazy book journey I went on over 24 or 36 hours.

Working through the memories

Part of my story, like I said this is a memoir of what’s been going on in my life through this journey and I had to write out the story of giving birth to my second child, my daughter. Literally, every time I tell this story it makes me cry because there’s just so many things that go with it. I almost lost her and I can’t tell this story again, I can’t cry through it again but, it’s just so crazy reliving my life through this book. My hope is that these stories are as moving and helpful but, man, reliving it is intense. So I read letter number two and it says “Writing a book should be a piece of cake for me and by the way did I bring some cake? If not I need to order some asap.” So I responded by ordering Chipotle for lunch but now I need to order cake ’cause my letter told me to. I really wanted to stop writing for a bit, give myself a mental break. I went to Starbucks got myself a ridiculously large tea, got caught up in conversation and then put my kids to bed over video chat and it was just like ugh. I think my husband knew that I would feel the way I did because he’s my husband was the one in charge of doing all of the labeling of letters and when I was suppose to open things. He read all the letters and then he decided when I was supposed to open them this one was so perfectly timed. Because in this letter he said “I hope at the end of the day you feel like you’ve made progress, that you’re getting it” and how it ended I think was really perfect it says, “above all I hope you end your day satisfied with your progress, your creation in what is to come, get it girl” from my friend Sasha. And I finished the day fired up! I finished the chapter I left off on, took a bubble bath, and went to bed.

Day 2

I even had a letter to start my day with that literally says, “right after waking up and going to the bathroom and get off your phone and go write”. Because he, my husband knows that I spend a little too much time on my phone. ♪ I’m a badass woman ♪ ♪ For saying what’s on my mind ♪ ♪ What’s wrong with that? ♪

This is what I did today I finished this one and I wrote these three chapters. I just wrote today and it was amazing but, the more I wrote this book the more it was coming across like a memoir. I don’t think it’s a bad thing but, I do wonder if it’s going be good. Because the point of writing this book, specifically, is for business. It’s to prove to the world I’ve been doing this for 10 years, I’m an OG in this space as my friend Kayla says, that obviously this proves it. I’m talking about all of the pitfalls, all the great stuff, all of the victories and the struggles and the real life that it’s happened to because I feel like that story’s just not being told. I do know that I have lessons and things I want people to take away from every chapter, like, I ended my chapter about YouTube with how to get started and why you shouldn’t be letting that stop you and that you’re not fat and maybe if you are already creating on YouTube what could you be doing better? Could you be creating less but doing more with it? I’m adding in those lessons based on my experience but some of them, I don’t know what the lessons are but it’s part of my story and it was a big deal of how I worked through it. I talked about my trauma of having my baby and how she almost died in the womb. I was literally emailing my clients on the way to the OR, that’s a part of my 10 years of being a social media marketer. It’s not done obviously, I was just writing to write to get the pages to my editor but it was so interesting. Once it gets super clear about that purpose, that vision and that solid title foundation, when we get to the whole publishing part and there’s an actual book, like a physical book in my hand, it’s going be so interesting to have that journey. I am 1. Really glad I’m wrote this book, and 2. Really glad I’m blogging about this experience so that I can look back and be like this is where I was and this is where we ended up and 3. I’m really happy to take you along this journey with me.

Day 3

Time to read my letter because I gotta start this day, right? Don’t get sucked into my phone. Also, sunscreen, I live in Arizona and always start the day with sunscreen. Day 3 was a little bit harder and I made a terrible mistake, I answered my phone. I have this one customer, I need him to contact me about stuff but it’s always at the worst time. He can’t help it because we gotta work through stuff. It was just a really frustrating call because he’s on a board and the owners that the board has to answer to. They want to cut their budgets and I tried to talk him off the cliff and get him to stay onboard and explain his contract and it was a mess. It was frustrating and it totally pulled me out of my groove. I have the letters, but I didn’t have a letter for today that’s like if something goes wrong, if someone pulls you out of the mojo. Eventually, I called my best friend and asked her to pump me up! Calmed myself down, went and got me some lunch, got to read the rest of my letters and I got focused, like *focused*, and then I did what I had left to do and what I wanted the flow to be. I realized I really only had like three sections chapters left to write my final conclusion chapter that brings us to where we are now and the state of the world and then there was a pandemic and then going back actually and writing a couple things that I was missing. I really wanted to talk about my time at Social Media Day Phoenix, I really wanted to talk about the time in between getting started and transitioning into my job at CBS 5, and then Military Life, fill in those gaps. I ended up having about 85% of this book done by the time I finished this vlog. Last thing is handing it off to the editor and then it’s just a matter of filling in the gaps, flushing out stories, and getting one step closer to giving you a book, I’m so excited!

Wrap it up!

I got it done. Talked to the editor and I just hope that he can fill in the gaps so, I did it guys. I got, about 85% of it done. I’m just so incredibly grateful, thank you to my friends who wrote me letters, thank you for coming along with me on this journey. Till next time remember you are impossibly amazing!!



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