How To Make a Facebook Video Profile Picture

How To Make a Facebook Video Profile Picture // Stand out on Facebook with some video wizardry. Its time to make your facebook profile pic, into a facebook profile video!

For me, the video profile picture feature on Facebook was an exciting new development. Why? I still remember the days when I first saw the awe-inspiring moving portraits in the dorm rooms of the mystical school of Hogwarts. Yeah, you guessed it right! I’m a massive Harry Potter fan. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t be enamored of a magical land where newspapers have moving pictures? I would definitely read columns and articles of such a fluid newspaper.And I’m pretty sure a legion of humans would also flock to buy such newspapers. Facebook has somewhat tried to replicate the concept of mobile images by introducing video profile pictures. It’s still nowhere as close and realistic as the ones in the fantastical land of harry Potter, but it’s still a start.

Many people are still unaware of this feature and have no clue whatsoever as to how to activate it. They’re still using their dull static pictures and missing out on something different and splendid. The video profile picture makes your Facebook profile more personalized than it already is. It attracts audience to your profile. Moreover, People who have a Video profile picture receive more friend requests than others. Businesses can also reap the benefits of this new and exciting feature and boost their sales.

As a Video profile picture hasn’t yet been added by majority of Facebook users, it will help you stand out in the crowd. It will imbue your profile with a certain panache that other profile’s lack. Your profile will no longer retain that bleak look. It will certainly become more inviting and intriguing for anyone who stumbles across it.



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