Holiday Marketing Content Plan – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Content Ideas and more

Holiday Marketing Content Plan – Halloween, Thanks Giving, Christmas Content Ideas – The Holiday season is the most profitable period for retail sales. Season starts after Halloween and culminates in the New Year’s Eve. Holiday season statistics are: 74% of retailers say 20% or more of their annual sales occur during the holiday season.

Here are 5 Holiday Marketing Content Ideas to get you started

1. Holiday Gift Guide

One of the best places to start is with a content type that perfectly combines the content marketing goal of providing value to your audience while also highlighting your products at the same time. One of the biggest concerns many people have at this time of year is trying to figure out what gifts to buy for their loved ones. A gift guide supplies them with ideas.

Consider creating several gift guides for different audiences. You could make one for grandma, another for dad, one of office friends, etc. You could even get cute with it like Modcloth does with categories like the Animal Lover and the Snuggle Bug.

2. A Roundup of Good Causes

In addition to spending money on gifts, people are often in a more giving spirit this time of year when it comes to good causes. You can help them with your holiday marketing by highlighting some good nonprofits to consider for their charitable donations this year.

If possible, find a way to tie this back to your company or brand. If you run a local business, you could make a list of local causes and charities to include. If you run a pet store, you could focus on animal welfare charities. If there’s not a clear charitable cause related to your business, then think about the values you have as a business and start there.

To make the post even more meaningful, consider offering to match donations your readers give to the charities highlighted or provide a portion of the profits for purchases they make to the charity of their choice.

3. Content About Your Own Company’s Giving

People are in the spirit of giving this season, but in addition to their own contributions to worthy causes, they’re also more likely to appreciate knowing that a business they support is working to do good as well.

This is a good opportunity to share the ways your company gives back to the community and those in need – which you already do, right? If not, this is a good time of year to get in the giving spirit yourself and look for ways to start doing so.

4. Holiday Marketing Festive Photos

Holiday and holiday marketing often provide an excuse to decorate or dress up. You can add some character to your blog and show the humans behind your brand by sharing images of your staff and their pets in holiday garb and your office decked out for the holidays.

You can share your festive photos on social media and even call for submissions from your customers to share their own cute or fun holiday-themed photos.

5. Holiday Marketing Healthy Eating Tips

One of the best things about the holidays is all that delicious food. One of the worst things about the holidays is all that (unhealthy) delicious food.

In addition to gift buying and charitable giving, something many people will have on their minds this time of year is how to navigate being around loads of delicious foods while staying healthy. Content that addresses this tricky issue can be helpful for your readers. This is an especially good topic to explore if your business is in an industry related to health.



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