12 Spooktacular Instagram Ideas This Halloween

Halloween and pictures are just as common and necessary as eating too much candy after a night of trick-or-treating. With so many Instagram-worthy images being collected on your phone, why not think about what you could be posting to your brand’s Instagram accounts. It is easier than you think, just as much fun as dressing up, and a great way to get extra engagement (and followers) for your accounts.

Here you go, twelve easy ideas to get you on your Instagram way.

Add A Halloween Hashtags

Add fun #hashtags to your Halloween themed post. This will allow you to be part of the trend, relevant, and seen just in time for Halloween.

Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • #halloween
  • #zombie
  • #horror
  • #halloweentime
  • #pumpkin
  • #halloween2016
  • #trickortreat

Capture Your Products In A Halloween Theme

Add a little Halloween theme to you products or service. This could be making your logo out of candy, dressing your product in a cute costume, or making a list of Halloween related information for your business. Have fun with it, but make sure you tell the story with the image.

Get Everyone Involved

Have your team participate. Share pictures of the celebration, make an Insta-story showing off everyone’s costumes, maybe even let your staff take the reins and post themed images related to your products and services. The more the merrier! #teamwork

Use Emoji’s

This one is simple and obvious but often overlooked. Use fun emojis in posts to share in the Instagram fun! Here is a great place to get started with finding emojis. #emoji ????  ????  

Halloween/Season How To

How can you drive traffic to your profile or website with Instagram with fun Halloween images? Write up a How To (Halloween themed of course), make sure it is rich with images, post the link on your Instagram profile, and post about it on your Instagram (mentioning the link in the bio.) You know your industry best, so what can you show your followers how to do? #imadethis

Get Crafty With A DIY

This is along the same lines as posting a How To, link sharing and all, but this time get crafty with it. Maybe share your favorite Halloween recipe or DIY craft you did. While this might not be an industry related thing, you should still try. #diy #getcrafty


Did you decorate your office or house? Post it up!

Also, this is a great way to get everyone involved (see above) and maybe have them share how they decorated their house. #halloweendecor


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million time Post. Food. Pics!

Seriously #foodporn is a real thing and on fun food-focused holidays it is just a no brainer. Share your delicious home baked goods, Halloween party potluck spread, or even just an epic photo of all the candy you are planning to steal from your kids once they go to bed. #parenting #eatallthecandy


Again, I mean at this point you know you need to share pics of all things Halloween related to business and home, that awesome Halloween party you are at is just another Halloween Instagram opportunity. #keepitPGrated

Costume Pets

Kids in costumes are cute and all, but cat with a mask and cap or a dog dressed up like a spider (seriously go watch this now!) is pretty much way cuter. With 13% of people saying they are going to dress their pet up for Halloween, you need to get in on his. #catinapumpkin #petcosutme

Halloween Themed Profile Pic & Description

This might be the easiest thing I suggested you do. Halloween-ifty your profile pic and add a spooky/ghoulish/scary description to your account. #dontforgetemjois

Carve A Pumpkin

This is a crafty and Halloween-themed idea, but oh so simple! Carve your logo into a pumpkin and post it up! #pumpkinboss

12 Spooktacular Instagram Marketing Idaes This Halloween



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